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Mr. & Mrs. O’neil – Denver Animal Shelter

This is Rocky. Rocky was living at the Denver Animal Shelter and classified as a “Special Needs” case due to his extremely poor condition. Mr. & Mrs. O’neil adopted him after he had been there about 3+ months recovering. He was nearly blind with cataracts; nearly all of his teeth were severely infected (later pulled by the vet at the animal shelter). He has congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart that presses against his lungs making it hard to breathe (much less run and play) He then had a hernia, which he had fixed with surgery. As Rocky got better and older, it became extremely difficult for him to get in and out of the sliding glass door to take care of “business”; this was due to the slight jump required to get over the slider door rails and rise.

So the Oneil’s reached out to us (SafePath Products) for help. We supplied them with ramps to help him get in and out of the sliding doors as well as ramps to help him get into his sleeping crate. Rocky can easily go in and out of the house and his crate, and he is much happier now! A great thank you to the O’neils for their kind hearts and for sharing this story with us.