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SafeShower™ Ramps

The Green Solution To Accessibility

Product Description

SafePath™ Products offers SafeShower™ Ramp Transitions for walk-in bathtubs and showers that require edge treatment or a transition ramp.  Whether it is a commercial or residential shower, access is often required and accomplished by using our SafeShower™ Ramps to satisfy ADA and disability access codes.  SafeShower™ Ramp Transitions not only make life safer and easier for disabled persons and those that simply have trouble overcoming a walk-in bathtub or shower transition, but are incredibly important for caregivers as well.

SafeShower™ Ramps can be installed with silicone adhesive for a permanent application, but can also be secured in place with double-sided tape or Velcro for less permanent applications.

SafeShower™ Ramps are generally coated in our white SafeShower™ Coating, but are also available in standard black or can be coated with any of our exclusive StoneCap™ Color Coating options.  SafeShower™ Ramps are available in sizes up to 3” in height, or you can speak with our sales and design team if custom heights are required.

SafePath™ Products are all manufactured out of recycled materials and are all Made in the USA!!!


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