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EntryLevel™ Landings

The Green Solution To Accessibility

Product Description

SafePath™ Products presents our EntryLevel™ Landings, the first and only prefabricated product designed to assure compliance with ADA regulations and access code laws at most door entrances.  One of the largest code violations occurring in the building industry today is the lack of a level landing area at doorways.  In many commercial and public main entrances, it is required that there is a level maneuverable clearance area.  Imagine a door threshold product that can be installed in minutes made from 100% green sustainable materials at a fraction of the cost of concrete demolition and construction.

EntryLevel™ Landings are prefabricated for quick and easy installation and are available in many heights, dimensions and colors!  Our prefabrication process allows for the strike-side clearance which is necessary for compliance with access building code laws & regulations.

Our landings are all pre-assembled and dry-fitted before shipment.  They are numbered and a diagram is sent with the product for ease of installation.  They are all designed to ensure a perfect fit every time, alleviating the hassle of schedule changes and detouring walking traffic due to extended concrete cure times.  Typically, the landing can be installed and used within 24 hours or less.  EntryLevel™ Landings are available with ramped access from a single-side to a three–sided “path-of-travel” approach.  Our landings offer the only sensible solution for accessible door modification projects.

SafePath™ Products are all manufactured out of recycled materials and Made in the USA!!!

EntryLevel™ Landing Design Templates

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