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TurfEdge™ Reducer Ramps

The Green Solution To Accessibility

Product Description

TurfEdge™ Reducer Ramps are designed to remove vertical barriers and “finish the edge” around synthetic turf fields which are in need of a smooth transition.  Our TurfEdge™ Reducers are easily installed and can be cut-to-fit on site.  TurfEdge™ Reducer Ramps do not have weight limitations, will not crack or freeze and never require the use of mechanical fasteners.  Available in various heights, TurfEdge™ Reducers offer a safe edge for sporting activities and replaces asphalt and concrete curbs that can be dangerous and may result in injury.

Safety & Access – The only product prefabricated for the architectural, turf and flooring industry.  TurfEdge™ Reducers offer a multitude of design and height configurations for complying with ADA regulations and access code laws.

SafePath™ Products employs a design team of full service professionals to help create a complete solution for TurfEdge™ Transitions for your projects.  Whether it is an inverted landing or a raised synthetic turf surface, TurfEdge™ Reducer Ramps offer safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for any turf field.  Our design team carefully lays out each project according to the customer’s specifications before shipment, for error-free on site installation.  TurfEdge™ Reducer Ramps are typically installed with high-grade silicone adhesive and are designed to be affixed to any type of flooring or ground surface.

SafePath™ Products are all manufactured out of recycled materials and Made in the USA!!!

TurfEdge™ Reducer Ramp Design Templates

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