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ADA compliance as designated by CSI MasterFormat 10 74 49

MasterFormat is the standard in the construction industry for formatting the specifications and other written information for commercial and institutional building projects in the U.S. and Canada. It provides a master list of Divisions and Section numbers with associated titles to organize all relevant information about construction requirements, products and activities. This standardization is essential in facilitating communication among architects, specifiers, contractors and suppliers throughout the industry. This article will focus on the ADA compliance component.

A product of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada (CSC), it is often referred to as the “Dewey Decimal System” of building construction. In November 2004, MasterFormat expanded from 16 Divisions to 50, reflecting the many innovations in the construction industry and expanding the coverage to a larger part of the overall industry. Revised editions have been published over the past decade, most recently in 2018. Included in the 2018 revision was the addition of 10 74 49, a new designation in Division 10 ‘Specialties’ that helps ensure ADA compliance – “Modular Landing and Ramp Systems”. In this post we’ll define what modular landing and ramp systems are, their applications in commercial and residential buildings today, and why they are a popular, viable, convenient and cost-effective solution when spec’ing new or existing construction projects 

What is 10 74 49?

10 74 49 is a new designation added to CSI MasterFormat Division 10 ‘Specialties’ in 2018 that designates “Modular Landing and Ramp Systems” as a recognized product solution for ADA compliance.  It is confirmation for architects, designers, and contractors that modular landing and ramp systems are convenient, cost-effective and legal solutions they can use in their master specs.    

Why is 10 74 49 important for ADA compliance?

10 74 49 is important because it gives flexibility to architects, designers, contractors, and facility owners when assessing their ADA compliance in entryways and access points (Getting Through the Door).  

For existing buildings, facility owners and managers are often faced with the challenge of having to modify their facilities, sometimes of antiquated architectural design, while trying to interpret the sometimes conflicting or confusing statutory language of the ADA. The ADA “requires the removal of architectural barriers…that are structural in nature…where such removal is readily achievable, i.e. easily accomplishable, and able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense.” Altered facilities must comply with new construction standards to the maximum extent feasible, and retrofit products like modular landings and ramp systems are most often considered the optimal solution.

For new construction, the ADA requires a builder to incorporate accessibility by design, construction methods and products used. Unfortunately, if slight mistakes are made, even down to fractions of an inch, then retrofit accessibility products can provide a solution so that all newly constructed facilities, either commercial or public, fulfill all necessary accessibility requirements. Additionally, with the continuing evolution of the Americans with Disabilities Act and potential additions to disabilities laws in the future, the flexibility that modular landings and ramp systems provide gives architects, designers and contractors the confidence to apply them in their master specs, often increasing their profitability and efficiency in the grand scheme of things.

3 Real Examples of Modular Landing and Ramp Systems used for ADA compliance

#1 – Existing Commercial Facility

Shane Berg, of Berg Construction Services, encountered this exact type of situation while making renovations to an existing commercial facility, and using a combination of modular landings and ramp systems he was able to satisfy all of the requirements the inspector requested.  As Shane puts it, “The inspector came by today, looked at the ramps and he loves them! He researched you guys at SafePath Products online and he is going to recommend this solution to other contractors.”  

He continued, “This was a HUGE headache for us. The vinyl floor is asbestos and we would otherwise be building a prohibitively expensive aluminum ramp or trying to build it out of concrete, which would chip over time. Glad we were able to find you guys! We’re going to adhere the ramps down today with the Sikaflex you recommended.”

#2 –  New and Existing Residential Homes

Since 1989 Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter has sought to provide affordable housing solutions to hardworking and deserving families.  As they continue to build and renovate safe, decent and affordable housing for the families in their community they chose to utilize modular landings and ramp systems to maximize their available budget.  “Thank you SafePath Products for your gracious donation to Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter, Florida that we valued in the amount of $1,823,” said Kent Adcock, CEO. “The contribution of your company demonstrates the belief that, one family at a time, we can end substandard housing in our communities. We are assigning this donation to help cover the direct and indirect costs related to ADA compliant construction, rehabilitation and home preservation.” To see more, visit Habitat Lake-Sumter & SafePath Products

#3 – Mary Helen Rogers Senior Community Center

Working with HKIT Architects and Cahill Construction in 2017, SafePath Products helped solve a threshold height problem at the Mary Helen Rogers Senior Community Center in San Francisco by developing an entry-level landing made from 100% recycled tire rubber that had the look and feel of grey granite and exceeded the federal and state regulatory requirements.

Incorporated with field-verified weep hole locations for exact placement of drainage channeling at all weep holes throughout the length of the door and window systems, this cost-effective solution provided functional, attractive, slip resistant and safe balcony surfaces for the tenants. Ancillary benefits also included sound-reduction qualities and one of the highest static coefficient surface rates (SCOF) available in existing building materials in the industry.  It also diverted 4,785 pounds of used tire rubber from the landfill.

Key Takeaways

In closing, we hope that the information we’ve provided on CSI MasterFormat designation 10 74 49 is both useful and relevant to you in your profession.  A few of the key takeaways include:

  • 10 74 49 is a new designation added in 2018 to CSI MasterFormat Division 10 ‘Specialties’ Section in 2018.
  • 10 74 49 designates “Modular Landing and Ramp Systems” as a recognized product solution for ADA compliance
  • Modular landings and ramp systems are proven to be a cost-effective, legal and convenient solution when addressing accessibility issues for the construction and renovation of new and existing commercial and residential facilities.
  • The flexibility of design and application of modular landings and ramp systems has encouraged thousands of architects, designers, and contractors to include them as part of their master specs on construction projects of all shapes and sizes.

For more information on the benefits and utility of modular landings and ramp systems you can visit our website at SafePath Products or call us toll free at 800-497-2003.  To see a list of our ADA Compliant products, all made from 100% recycled rubber, please click here: ADA Compliant landings, ramps and reducers.

SafePath Products is an American manufacturer of ADA compliant threshold ramps, entry level landings, seismic surface transitions, flooring reducers and other industrial and residential products for ADA access code compliance.  For well over 20 years we’ve been the industry leader in providing “green” solutions to the construction industry, and all of our products are made from 100% recycled rubber. Contact SafePath Products today to find out how we can help you with your current and upcoming projects.