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Custom Ramp Products

Need a custom ramp? No problem!

Product Description

SafePath™ Products Design and Research Teams continually develop solutions to situations that present access complications, Custom Ramp Products. Our motivation to invent and initiate new products as well as enhance our existing products is directly related to satisfying the needs of our customers and our veterans!

Our team has the ability to visualize and create custom products to meet almost any need. Due to our products durability, slip resistant surface and ability to not only meet but exceed ADA compliance standards, they make for the perfect solution. These qualities combined with the fact that they have “no weight limitations” allows SafePath™ Products to unravel many of the complexities of transition from one surface to another.

We have developed products such as our SafeShower™ Ramps for unimpeded access to walk-in showers. We have also introduced safer edging for products like synthetic turf fields, expansion nosing for bridges, curb ramps and many more.

SafePath™ Products are all manufactured out of recycled materials and Made in the USA!!!


SafePath™Products                              VS.                                           Aluminum & Wood

No weight limitations                                                                               Bend, Crack or break with heavy loads

No threshold replacement                                                                      Threshold replacement often required

Molded side flares                                                                                    Separate side flares required

Field fitted with simple cutting tools                                                     Custom fit with saw or electric tool

Installs without fasteners                                                                        Fasteners needed for each assembly

Foot traffic is quiet & solid                                                                      Noisy and rattles with use

Installs in 15 to 30 minutes                                                                     Installation time minimum 1 hour

Ramps are slip resistant                                                                          Extra cost for slip resistant coating

“Green” 100% recycled materials                                                           Non-recycled components

Excellent thermal insulator                                                                     Unable to insulate against heat or cold

Aesthetically pleasing appearance                                                         Bulky unpleasant appearance




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