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Meals on Wheels

I am writing to thank you for donating ramps at the homes of our Handy Wheels Program, to Meals on Wheels Central Texas in support of our homebound elderly neighbors.  The simple truth is that your generosity vastly improves the lives of thousands of seniors across Central Texas.

Each Month, an increasing number of our most frail neighbors find that their incomes no longer cover their basic living expenses.  They need the help of our fiscally-prudent programs, which provide — meal preparation, home repair, grocery shopping and in-home care.

Like the meals we deliver, Meals on Wheels Central Texas nourishes and enriches the lives of those we serve through programs that promote dignity and independent living.  Our devoted volunteers and contributors are lifelines.  The materials you have donated are essential to the safety and wellbeing of the home bound people we serve.  With your assistance, the people we serve are able to remain in their homes and live a much happier and safer life.

We are deeply grateful to you for your generosity.  On behalf of those we help today and those we will help in the future; we thank you so very much.