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It Feels Good to be Green – why we create the recycled rubber threshold ramp

recycled rubber threshold ramp instead of tires burnintgHow do you feel about the smell of burning rubber, not great, right??  How about the recycled rubber threshold ramp?

How about the fact that 44 million tires get thrown away every year in California alone?  Tire fires are a huge hazard, not to mention an enormous health risk for anyone exposed to the open burning.  Besides the health risk for people directly exposed to the smoke, tire fires can extensively pollute the soil and air around them.

Sometimes firefighters even decide that the best course of action is to let a tire fire burn out on its own; this can take months in some cases.  According to CalRecycle, it can take up to 100 gallons of water per tire to suppress this type of fire.  With California in a drought, this is a serious concern.

Often times tires sitting in landfills also capture water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  No one likes mosquitoes under the best circumstances, but with the zika virus going around it’s an even more pressing problem today.  And it’s not only mosquitoes that breed in landfills!  Mice, rats, and various other disease-carrying animals also tend to reside in these places.

With all of these potential hazards, it’s very important that we find other ways to use old tires so that they don’t take up space for years in our landfills.

recycled rubber threshold ramp instead of burning tires

That’s why we create the recycled rubber threshold ramp

We use 100% recycled materials to create our ramps, and guess what most of those materials are?  Used tires!  We make crumb rubber from the used tires, and with the help of some of the best hydraulic presses in the world, we turn those “useless tires” into safe and affordable ramps that help to make buildings more easily accessible for everyone.

SafePath Products is concerned with the incredible waste that is ongoing in many industries.  When we look for the materials we need to create safe and affordable products, we do so in recyclable materials.  People use all kinds of materials to create ramps today; from aluminum to concrete to foam, it’s all out there.

The difference you’ll find with SafePath Products is that there are no weight limitations, we offer superior slip resistance, and there’s no risk to the environment!  With us you will have a safe, secure, and affordable transition for everyone in your building.

Unlike some products NOT manufactured in the U.S., these ramps will not off gas (they won’t stink).  Whether you’re looking for a commercial solution or a residential one, SafePath Products has multiple options to provide you with the perfect product including the recycled rubber threshold ramp.

Concerned about a black rubber ramp up against your beautifully understated threshold?  Don’t worry; we have ramps available with a StoneCap Color Coating in a variety of beautiful and understated colors that will blend or contrast well with your home décor.  Most of all SafePath Products is dedicated to safety and sustainability, and that’s what we’ll bring to you.  Visit our website www.safepathproducts.com to find out more about our products and to locate a dealer near you!