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Inviting solutions for Commercial & Residential Ramps

Residential Ramps

Inviting solutions for Commercial & Residential Ramps

A threshold treatment is an easy and affordable way to provide accessibility and ADA compliance with commercial and residential ramps. Whether you have a commercial or residential project; need a level landing, working on multi-family units or need just a single threshold, we have a large selection of Eco-friendly products to meet your needs!


After 20 years designing and manufacturing accessibility products out of recycled materials, we are the leaders in the industry! We have the world’s largest selection of transitions and landings of various heights and configurations. While you may not need us every day, when you do, don’t you want the most experienced company with the largest assortment available?

Residential Ramps from SafePath Products

EZ Edge Transition Wheelchair Ramps can be easily installed on most surfaces inclResidential Ramps - EntryLevel Landing Commercial Main Entry Ramp uding concrete, asphalt, wood, tile and marble. Simply choose the model closest to the height of the transition and the necessary width of access.

EZ Edge ramps are most often used for door thresholds, sliding glass doors, entry ways, or any path of travel with a vertical barrier. Designed for durability and safety, installation is quick and easy. These ramps can withstand the harshest conditions and are perfect for either residential or commercial use and have no weight limitations! These 100% recycled rubber ramps come with a 10-Year warranty ensuring durable and maintenance free use in either interior or exterior settings.

When selecting a rubber transition ramp, be mindful of the durometer (or hardness) of the transition selected, this is often an indicator of the compression and binders used for these products. The softer the ramp or the lower the durometer, the less likely your transition will last for years. The reason is that when recycled rubber products are made softer they are often made with less compression and binders that have measurable voids or air between the particles. Thus, overtime water and contamination can result in the breakdown of these inferior ramps.