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ADA Ramps Just Got Bigger!

ADA Ramps

ADA Ramps

 “Solid Rubber transitions just got bigger!”

 With the introduction of the SafeResidential rubber threshold ramp line, accessibility for vertical rises that exceed 5″ in height are now possible!

With the increased demand for solid, soundless and durable products for barrier removal at thresholds and doorways; SafePath has developed an entire line of safe, solid ramp products with superior slip resistance. This allows easier access than ever for almost every threshold. Cleverly constructed out of 100% recycled rubber and packaged for home delivery these products install in minutes and provide years of maintenance free use.

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SafeResidential ™ Wheelchair ADA Ramps The most attractive and slip-resistant ramp products available SafeResidential ™ Wheelchair ADA Ramps are designed for discerning home and business…

SafeResidential Wheelchair Ramps

The most attractive and slip-resistant ramp products available

SafeResidential Wheelchair Ramps are designed for discerning home and business owners that desire a safe, solid and noiseless product for their home entrance or office. While there are many choices for residential metal or aluminum ramps, there is now a new transition product designed for safety and appearance.

This is the only ramp on the market that is solid, soundless, available in multiple designer colors and is guaranteed for years of long-term use. Other ramp products can be slippery, noisey and unsafe in wet and freezing environments.

SafeResidential Ramps are perfect for homeowners that desire safe accessible entrances but don’t want the clinical handicap product look at their front door.

Our SafeResidential Ramp is designed to last and has one of the most aggressive surfaces for slip-resistance ever offered by the industry.

SafeResidential Ramps are available from 2” to 5-1/2” in height, with widths ranging from 48” to 60”, or custom widths if desired.

Several color options are available to match every home décor. Below are samples of some of the color options available. All transitions have the look and feel of chiseled granite. Imagine the look of carved stone at your door that won’t break, crack or freeze like other ramp products.

One of the most attractive and slip-resistant ramp products available on the market today, made from 100% recycled waste tires, helping make the planet greener one ramp at a time.

A safe transition product that never freezes, breaks or cracks, with no weight limitations…… Call or visit us www.SafePathProducts.com 1-800-497-2003. Helping keep the planet a little greener with every project!




SafeResidential Ramp coated with logo and text 455 x 299