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Bighorn Ramps: Attractive wheelchair ramps for home use

Not all wheelchair ramps for home use are created equal.

While a commercial building calls for one kind of product, a private residence may call for another. Handicap ramps for residential use should be light, durable, and attractive. Handsome, even. You want your house or apartment to look like a home, not a warehouse in an industrial park.

SafePath’s Bighorn Ramps are available in a variety of attractive finishes, but without compromising longevity and durability. Bighorn Ramps are manufactured using inexpensive recycled malleable polymer, a composite material with the ability to conform to uneven surface substrates over time (unlike aluminum, for example).

This creates a lightweight, durable transition ramp that is both affordable and easy to install. The product’s ceramic quartz finish, available in five earth-tone colors, combines visual appeal with superior slip resistance.

A gently tapered front edge and molded side-slopes enhance safety and accessibility while complying with disability access codes. Bighorn Ramps modify existing door thresholds up to 1-1/2 inches, and will soon be available for thresholds up to 2-1/2 inches. Contact your SafePath Products sales representative for pricing or dealer information.

Wheelchair Ramps for Home Use

Wheelchair Threshold Ramps are used around doorways to make transitions easier for wheelchairs and scooters. A good doorway ramp is a home feature that wheelchair and scooter users should not need to worry about. A quality threshold ramp that will hold up to weather, weight and constant use are the SafePath Bighorn Ramps.

This residential Threshold Ramp adds a gradual rise to the doorway threshold that makes it easy and more convenient than many other model types. The Bighorn threshold ramps are made of recycled plastic and textured in such a way to create a surface grip to keep tires from slipping or spinning. Whether the ramp is in wet, cold, or any inclement weather, you can be rest assured these Wheelchair Ramps for home use will maintain grip and not fade, crack or break.

These risers will work for thresholds up to 1 1/2 inches in height. They come with molded traction pads that are not only functional as a non-slip ramp, but have an attractive geometric pattern. Their looks are also enhanced with a ceramic quartz surface that will blend in with the surrounding construction materials like stone, stucco or concrete. SafePath Bighorn Ramps come in four colors to match your home’s entry: Nutmeg Brown, Granite Grey, Antique Bronze, Sky Blue and Brick Burgundy.

Product Features and Benefits

  • The threshold ramp will hold up to weather and use without cracking or breaking.
  • The rise is has a nice, gradual incline to meet any threshold 1 1/2 inches in height.
  • The traction maintains its effectiveness in cold, wet weather.
  • The threshold ramp is made of all recycled plastic material.
  • They have a ceramic coated quartz laminate and pleasing geometric traction pattern that is very attractive.

Product Specifications

  •  Recycled Plastic and Ceramic Coated Quartz as Coating
  • Size: 1-1/4 Inches x 12-1/4 Inches x 42 Inches

How to Install Wheelchair Ramps for Home Use

The first thing to do before installing your ramp is measure the height of the door threshold or patio landing. If necessary, simply cut or notch the ramp using normal power tools.

(WARNING: always follow manufacture’s safety instructions and wear eye protection when
using power tools).

If your door threshold or landing is greater than 1-1/2″, distributors offer a “shim-johnny” kit that allows you to shim this ramp up to 2″ and is also adjustable for heights less than 2″. (Please contact your local distributor or locate your distributor at SafePathProducts.com to order your “shim-johnny” kit. Please be advised that shimming this ramp may not make this product federally compliant with model access code laws).

BigHorn ramps come with peel-and-stick tape for easy installation. Simply peel the tape backing. Before installing your ramp, remember to check that your substrate is dry and clean of dirt and debris. Also, it is always a good idea to dry-fit your ramp prior to removing the tape backing from the adhesive strip.