EZ Edge™ Transition Wheelchair Ramps

A Beautiful Solution to a Threshold Problem
Ez Edge Rubber wheelchair ramps for ADA compliance Safepath products. EZEdge Threshold Ramps not EZ Access.

The EZ Edge™  Transition Wheelchair ramp is an easy solution to solve your Threshold barriers! Our EZ Edge™ Threshold ramps easily fit in front of your door or any other vertical barrier you might have. These 100% recycled rubber ramps help you effortlessly transition from one height to another. After all, life is better without tripping hazards and hard to access pathways that block wheelchairs from easy travels.

Installation is quick and easy, significantly reducing labor costs. EZ Edge™ Transitions come with a 10-Year Guarantee ensuring durable and maintenance free use. EZ Edge™ ramps are most often used for door thresholds, sliding glass doors, entry ways, or any path of travel with a vertical barrier. An EZ Edge™  Transition Ramp can easily be installed on most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, wood, tile and marble. Simply choose the model closest to the height of the transition and the necessary width of access. If you need assistance acquiring these measurements, contact our full service design team and they will find the best solution that fits your specifications.

SafePath™ was the first to receive a US patent on the EZ Edge™ Transition ramp in 1997. We are the leaders in the industry for quality, selection and pricing. Search for dealers near you by clicking the “Dealers” tab at the top of the page or to become a Dealer please click the “Become a Dealer” tab on the “Home page”


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