“Tis the season for school gymnasium floor replacements

  Jul 18th, 2014 |   ADA Compliance, Gym Floors
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Flooring contractors are busy this month preparing for summer gymnasium floor replacements – particularly basketball courts. Replacing an athletic floor often creates a transition problem when the new floor rises 1/2 inch or more above the existing floor substrate. This is an ADA compliance issue as vertical floor transitions inhibit disability access, and it’s obviously a safety issue due to trip hazards.  One solution is to sink the new floor into the old floor by cutting out a recess, but that’s an expensive retrofitting project and the old floor doesn’t always cooperate.

The easiest and most affordable solution – one that is both safe and access code compliant – is SafePath’s CourtEdge Reducer product. The integrity of the existing floor is preserved and no alterations are necessary. The CourtEdge Reducer can meet up to a 3 inch vertical rise with an extraordinarily durable rubber ramp. It’s versatile enough to smoothly manage corners, unusual dimensions, or non-standard wraps. Rubber is ideal in athletic settings due to its strength, load capacity, and slip resistance.

A visual cue signifying the floor transition is always important but even more critical in an athletic context. Toward that end the CourtEdge Reducer is  available in a variety of attractive colors utilizing SafePath’s exclusive StoneCap Coating.

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