Karl Bratcher

  Jul 23rd, 2014 |  
5.0 out of 5 stars A Product of amazing quality from Amazon, April 23, 2012
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“With failing lungs even having quit smoking seventeen years ago, the use of a my power cart is the only way to be mobile within my home. The burning of energy used in a wheel chair effort is prohibitive due to oxygen levels falling into danger zones. Our home sits on the sand dunes of Florence, Oregon and all of our seven exit thresholds are built very close to ground level as there is great drainage in sand. Still most of these openings have from an inch up to two and a half inch drop to the concrete patios or sidewalks on the exterior sides with the interiors all level with the interior flooring.To provide a smooth negotiable passage for my power cart, I purchased a 1 1/2 inch high side x 56 inch wide and 15 inch ramp width. A door on the opposite end of the home required a smaller ramp 1-1/4 inch high side x 42 inch wide and 10 inch ramp width.

These units are made from rubber bi-products such as worn tires and are extremely heavy and somewhat stiff. I was very concerned these items remain flat during shipping in order to avoid any bend or twist that could possible remain permanently. I was pleasantly surprised when UPS delivered these packaged in a single package sitting side by side in a heavy cardboard and taped professionally with a strong tape. Their total weight being about 60 or70 seventy pounds. Once opened and separated I sat in almost complete disbelief, of the awesome quality and workmanship needed to produce such fine merchandise.

Placing each on my knees, one at a time, while in my power cart, I delivered them quickly to their respective doorway and each lay perfectly flat. These also have an extremely detailed and non slip embossed reliefs. Also, not to mention, both ends of each ramp are tampered leaving so no edge can be picked up during heavy wind storms we often see here next to the Pacific Ocean.

First glance I felt they were over priced but now that they are in place I feel I receive a great bargain, and the best part of all, my power cart glides with smoothness at both of these doorways.

Yes, I highly recommend these problem solvers. Did I mention they arrived in the exact time frame as advertised.

I will leave a update after my first year using these.”