SafeLift™ Platform

Make your GYM safer with the SafeLift™ Platform

The new the SafeLift™ Platform reinvents the Crossfit weightlifting Platform. More durable than other models, the new SafeLift™ Platform is made from 100% recycled rubber and is designed for a minimal footprint. The SafeLift™ Platform is the first Crossfit weightlifting Platform that comes with beveled, sloping edges that meet ADA compliance regulations. The SafeLift™ Platform defines your workout area for using free weights, protects you and your investment and makes your facility safer for all athletes and guests.

The Safe Lift™ Platform can be installed for permanent or temporary use starting at just $399.00 for a 3/4” rise (multiple heights available), 8’ x 8’ (4’ x 8’ Wood insert is not included). These Lift Platforms are available in Black with three speckled colors including; Red Flex, Tan Flex and Blue Flex. Ensuring years of maintenance free use.

To learn more about The SafeLift™ Platform, call 800-497-2003. A friendly SafePath™ representative is waiting to help you!

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