Help for a disabled veteran!

  May 07th, 2015 |   Making a Difference
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SafePath™ received a call today from a long time disabled veteran named Thomas S. Down on his luck and injured from his time serving our country, Thomas was unable to afford a 2” high ramp that would help him get through his front door. This 2″ rise became increasingly hard for Thomas to get over and often caused him to struggle to get in and out of his house. As a last ditch effort he gave us a call. We were able to provide Thomas with the ramp he needed at no charge. “ It was the least I could do,” explained Tim Vander Heiden, CEO of SafePath™ Products. “ Thomas sacrificed a lot for our freedom, including his health and he deserves to be helped out. I am proud that SafePath™ can support Thomas, along with all veterans to help make their lives easier.” SafePath™ Products would like to personally thank Thomas S. for serving our country and we hope this small act of kindness makes his life easier.

Help us support and give back to more veterans!

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