Getting Through the Door- Solving Complex Barriers to Accessibility

  Oct 25th, 2016 |   ADA Compliance
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SafePath Products DHI article for ADA compliance. Rubber Threshold ramps for wheelchair access.

Title III of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requires 

all public accommodations to provide their goods and services to people with disabilities on an equal basis with the rest of the general public. Public accommodations include most businesses and services we all use each and every year…
                 There are over 56 million people with disabilities in the United States-one out of every five Americans. This number keeps growing as our population ages. The number of adults age 65 and over is projected to double by the year 2030. People with disabilities have $175 billion dollars in discretionary spending power!

Removal of Barriers

To assist owners and facility managers in complying with the ADA for existing facilities, there are a set principals or priorities established in 28 CFR Part 36, Section 36.304(c) (1)(Removal of Barriers) of the ADA.…. Read More.



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of SafePath Products and Van Duerr Industries, Inc. He has more than 21 years of experience marketing and manufacturing products
for ADA compliance, specializing in green technology for the architectural marketplace.  Tim can be reached at 800.497.2003 or, or visit

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